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What undergraduates really do between getting a research assignment and turning it into us…

May be of interest to some- will certainly illuminate the things we should consider when we create assignments.

How do our students do research-based assignments?

What really happens between the time when you assign a research paper and when it is handed in to you by a student? In this presentation, Maura Smale (New York City College of Technology) and Mariana Regalado (Brooklyn College) share results from their study of undergraduate work habits at six CUNY colleges, including Hunter College. Data gathered via interviews, photo surveys, and mapping diaries reveal much about student writing and response to research assignments, and students’ experiences with and ideas about academic support.

A follow-up discussion will consider the following:

  • What kinds of support for research and writing do students take advantage of and what do they wish for?
  • How do students describe their engagement with research assignments?
  • Where do faculty and student expectations for researchassignments align, and where is there friction?
  • Is it possible to shift student perception of their success andchallenges in completing research assignments?Presenters:Maura A. Smale, PhD, MLIS, Assistant Professor
    Library Department, New York City College of TechnologyMariana Regalado, MA, MLS, Associate Professor Library Department, Brooklyn College

    Tuesday, March 13th from 12:00 to 2:00 pm

    Chanin Center, Insdorf Screening Room, B126 Hunter West Lunch will be served*

    * RSVP to acert by Friday, March 9th at 5:00pm

Introducing The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy + the CFP for second issue!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural issue of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, which may be found at cuny.is/jitp.

The CFP for our second issue is located at cuny.is/jitpguidelines. We are committed first and foremost to teaching and learning, and intend that the journal itself – both in process and in product – provide opportunities to reveal, reflect on, and revise academic publication and classroom practice.

We would appreciate it if you would help spread the word about this new publication and we thank you for your participation and continued support. Please send us your feedback via email at jitp@gc.cuny.edu, via Twitter @JITPedagogy, or via the comments sections on the site.

writing, brainstorming, and corkboards…

This is a pearltree mindmap of some writing, brainstorming, and “corkboard” tools. http://pear.ly/_crP

BTW, if you’ve never heard of Pearltrees, you should really have a look.

Session 2: Implementation

Part 1: Pedagogical Vision 

What has been the most significant or powerful learning experience in your life? (Within or beyond formal educational contexts).

Concept Mapping 

Part 2: Engaging Students

Examples of group projects and individual assignments that engage students’ interests.

Group Project with Individual Focus
-Here’s an outline for implementing a long-term group project over 1 semester

-Visual Analysis
-Neighborhood Ethnography
-Group Survey
-Group Conflict

Conceptualizing long-term projects.

Part 3: Creating a Long-Term Group Project

Group Project Template

Part 4: Discussion of Projects

Group presentations based on Part 3.

What could you implement in your own class?

What questions still remain?

Purposeful Pedagogy Workshop

Welcome to the WordPress for the Purposeful Pedagogy Workshop, sponsored by the DSC, the Sociology Students Association, and the the Sociology department. This blog should act as both a model for integrating technology in your classroom and a bulletin board of ideas during the conference and after.